Life Insurance

In life at every point of time you need money to fulfill your and your family’s requirement, but what about when you would not be there to look after your family.

Let’s take an example:

Mr. Akhil was living with his loving wife and two children. He was in service and getting a salary of Rs 1,00,000/- per month. He was fulfilling his family’s requirements to the fullest and enjoying every moment of their lives.

Unfortunately he expired at age of 35. The surviving member did not have any source of income after his death, but fortunately he had a Life Insurance Cover. So his wife got the money (Sum Assured) from the insurance which she wisely invested. The loss of her husband cannot be compensated but with the money she got from the insurance company she was able to run her house smoothly.

Mr. Bhaskar whose income and family circumstances were the same as Mr. Akhil’s. Mr. Bhaskar expired at age of 35, but unfortunately he did not have a Life Insurance Policy. So their situation was completely opposite. His wife and children had to face a lot of problems with no such income. They had compromise with the many important things in life like studies, children’s marriage, their health, standard of living etc.

The fact is, it is always a loss which you suffer when you lose someone you love. But your emotional struggles do not need to be compounded by financial difficulties. Life insurance helps make sure that the people you care about will be provided for financially, even if you are not there to care for them yourself.

In short, Life Insurance is the way to keep your family independent with you and after you.

Take your very first step towards financial security and secure your family today with premium insurance plans available. Insurance companies in India offers various life insurance plans to meet individuals goals and needs.

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