Health Insurance

Protect your greatest asset good health
Individual and Group- Ordinary and Floater health Insurance Policy
Cash less hospitalization in more than 4000 hospitals across India.
Reimbursement of expenses during Pre- Hospitalisation and Post- Hospitalisation stages of treatment.
130 minor surgeries that require less than 24 hours hospitalization covered under the UNIQUE day care procedure.
Reimbursement of expenses incurred on ambulance services to the nearest hospital where Emergency Health facilities are available

Critical Illness :-

Do you need extra insurance for life-threatening ailments when you have a comprehensive health plan and, maybe, a group cover from your employer? In such a case, why buy another insurance policy and clutter the portfolio?

But what if you are diagnosed with a critical ailment that requires specialised care while your health plan has a limit on doctors fees and, thus, will not cover the full cost of treatment? Or, say, there is a cap on specific expenses such as on medicines, intensive care unit or prosthetics and your bill is more than what the insurer will pay. In such cases, you will have no option but to pay from your pocket.

Acute illness can also mean loss of income, total or partial disability and change in lifestyle. The financial burden could be far more than what an indemnity health plan, which pays hospital bills, would cover. Buying a critical illness plan is the best way to get over these shortcomings.

While an indemnity policy covers hospitalisation, a critical illness plan pays a lump sum on diagnosis of serious ailments listed in the policy document.

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